Health Care Team Leader-Qatar

Job Overview

Position Summary:

The Team Leader works with the team and key stakeholders to set the key goals and major objectives. The Team Leader is expected to maintain focus and provide clear direction to both team members and with respect to external influencers, to be the champion for the project, to be clear about the program’s priority in the portfolio, to demand scientific excellence from team members and to support team members personal development. The Team Leader will often be called upon to clarify the roles and responsibilities of team members both between potentially competing team members and to the line Managers and direct reporters. The Team Leader also recognizes and acknowledges the contributions of team members.

Nature and Scope of Position:

The Team Leader will be handling the same scope of work as the Senior Coordinator. In addition, he/ she has primary responsibility for defining, planning, tracking and managing the project they are assigned. He/she is responsible for identifying key resources and providing the direction required for meeting the project objectives. He/she is also responsible for ensuring appropriate management, client involvement throughout the life of the project.

Qualifications and skills of the Team Leader include an ability to lead and motivate people and encourage teamwork, an ability to communicate effectively with senior management, and a clear vision of what determines a successful outcome for the client. In addition, the Team Leader must have a technical background sufficient to understand the technologies and technical issues involved with the operations, to be able to anticipate and identify critical technical obstacles, and to make accurate decisions.

Specific Accountabilities and Deliverables:

The deliverables will be consistent with those mentioned for the Senior Coordinator, however; there will be an additional responsibility to manage project schedule and task details and utilize project management tools such as reports, tracking charts, checklists, and to delegate appropriately. He/she must be able to manage change and take active leadership in timely decision making. Finally a Team Leader must have the courage to face up to issues squarely and early, resolve conflicts, admit to having problems and seek coaching openly, escalate if necessary.


This competency Model is divided into three main groups:

  • Core Competencies
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Professional Competencies


Core competencies

  1. Communicating
  2. Teamwork
  3. Creative problem solving
  4. Interpersonal skills
  5. Manage client relationships
  6. Self-direction
  7. Flexibility
  8. Build appropriate relationships
  9. Professionalism

10 .Business acumen

  1. Accountability & Decisiveness
  2. Ethics & Trustworthiness

Leadership competencies

  1. Leadership abilities
  2. Visioning process
  3. Create and lead teams
  4. Asses situations quickly and accurately
  5. Foster conflict resolutions (win-win)
  6. Project management
  7. Implement employee involvement strategies
  8. Coach and train peers and subordinates


Professional Competencies

2. Instruction

 Related Experience, Education & Training:

Bachelor’s degree, with a minimum of twelve year experience, of which 2 to 3 years in the State of Qatar, preferable in the healthcare sector, experience in handling challenging issues in a diverse and dynamic environment. Native English speaker, fluent in Arabic.


  • Requires Administrative experience sufficient to demonstrate expertise in;
  1. Exceptional communication skills, including writing and proof reading skills, (Arabic and English).
  2. Appropriate judgment/decision making when necessary.
  3. Ability to anticipate problems and act accordingly.
  4. Define the project management process to be applied to the project.
  5. Select team members and, if cross-functional as the Core Team Leader, select Core Team
  6. Assure that all team members understand their roles and accept their responsibilities
  7. Apply projects resources according to the approved project plans.
  8. Analyze risk and instigate avoidance activities. Establish contingency plans and identify trigger events and responsibility for initiating corrective action.
  9. Keep all stakeholders informed of progress and issues.
  10. Assure timely adaptive action is taken.
  11. Manage change to preserve business plan commitments.
  12. Establish and publish clear priorities among project activities.
  • Coordinate management and technical decisions.
  1. Arbitrate and resolve conflict and interface problems within the project.

Provide input on the performance of project team members to their supervisors.

Job Detail
  • Offerd Salary$8,000 - $10,000
  • Career LevelManager
  • Experience5 Years +
  • GenderBoth
  • INDUSTRYHospitals/Healthcare/Diagnostics
  • QualificationMaster’s Degree